Founder & Director of

Expertise in Labour Mobility

Nannette Ripmeester is founder and director of Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM). ELM is specialised in customising solutions for international labour mobility. Since 1992, HR professionals build on ELM’s strategic and in-depth knowledge when doing business in new markets. Together with her team Nannette works under the motto of Making Mobility Work.

Nannette Ripmeester is considered an expert on global mobility trends. She started her international career at the European Commission where she was responsible for setting up the EURES database on living and working conditions in the EU Member States. Nannette is a professional speaker with Speakers Academy and regularly invited to speak at international conferences and has written extensively on international job-hunting practices and living and working conditions abroad. ELM has published over 40 career guides in the series “Looking for work in …” focusing on cultural management issues and job hunting differences in over 40 countries. Nannette is an acknowledged trainer, who has developed training courses to enhance global corporate success. ELM assists companies and individuals (expats) working across borders and between cultures.


Nannette Ripmeester

The research into recruitment practices, labour migration, globalisation, cultural management differences, and living and working conditions abroad has improved the efficiency of a large number of organisations and helped to make international mobility work.

ELM has a list of diverse clients including multinational companies (Philips, TNT, Royal Bank of Scotland), non-profit organisations (CSU, VSNU), and universities (Bocconi, Trinity College, Oxford Business School, TU Delft) and governmental organisations (CWI, European Patent Office, Family Office-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Commission).

Nannette combines her role for ELM with her work as Director Client Services Europe for i-graduate – a leading benchmarking organisation responsible for the International Student Barometer, with 1.7 million student responses, the largest student survey in the world – making her Europe’s leading expert on mobility for study and work, with over 20 years of advising employers, universities and governments on graduate mobility.

The major strength of ELM is helping businesses and individuals to become an integral part of the global workplace.