Make it in the Netherlands

International talent is in high demand: Governments, universities, and businesses highlight this through their current strategies for internationalisation. Such attention underlines the importance of international talent in the eyes of current decision makers, as well as those who focus more on the future.

However, a breakdown frequently occurs between those looking for international talent, and those with the talent seeking opportunities. Companies can struggle to find the people they are looking for amongst the swathes of both domestic and international students. On the other hand, international students find it hard to highlight their intrinsic value in the host labour market.

Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM) has identified this space between opportunity and talent and is actively looking to fill the gap. Developing events such as Careers Made in Rotterdam (see video), and advising government bodies in Sweden and Canada on how best to tackle the issue, it is our aim to bridge the gap between employers and employees. Furthermore, ELM’s Nannette Ripmeester has co-authored a report with Hans de Wit on the subject, as well as being an expert on the HELM (Harnessing European Labour Mobility) project.

In the HELM project 5 possible scenarios of where the future of EU labour mobility will lead Europe are discussed and what possible consequences this may have on Europe’s social future. The polarised, marketed, regulated, fragmented and paralysed Europe are all possible scenarios for the years to come. Decisions taken today will lead to either one of these scenarios in 2025. Have a look at the report and deem yourself what world you want to live in in 2025…

With access to this foresight and a progressive attitude in mind, ELM is a strong supporter of ‘Make it in the Netherlands’ – Be sure to regularly check this page for a heads up on upcoming events and articles in line with the official action plan, and increase the success of international careers made in the Netherlands!

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