Press Coverage

Interviews and Features with Nannette Ripmeester and members of the ELM Staff
  • Holland Handbook: “Working in the Netherlands”

    Press Coverage In the article “Working in the Netherlands” authors Stephanie Dijkstra, Han van der Horst, Peter Kranenburg, Arjan Enneman, Nannette Ripmeester and Liane van de Vrugt will go into detail about the Dutch employment market and how to find a job in the Netherlands.

  • Career Integration: Reviewing the Impact of Experience Abroad on Employment, No. 2 April 2017

    Press Coverage In the article “Global Careers: Do We Understand the Requirements for Careers Across National Boundaries? A European Perspective” (p.77), Nannette Ripmeester talks about the role globalisation plays in higher education and how it shapes the international job market. She stresses the importance of preparing students for their global career by helping them understand cultural differences and translate their abroad experiences into meaningful soft skills.
    CAPA, the Global Education Network, and the Learning Abroad Center of the University of Minnesota have published a book that shows employability is no longer incidental to the agenda of study abroad. And by bringing in a more international point of view they show that the question of employability in higher education is not constrained by national boundaries.

  • Vastgoed: “Nederlanders zijn aardig, maar alleen onder kantoortijden”

    Press Coverage Why are expats less satisfied with living and working in the Netherlands? Are Dutch people only nice during the office hours? Nannette Ripmeester spoke to “Vastgoed” magazine about the difficulties expats living in the Netherlands face and what should change.

  • International Educator: “Leveraging global experiences in the job market”

    Press Coverage Students often struggle to leverage their global experiences in order to stand out in the job market. In this article by Charlotte West, Nannette Ripmeester advises educators to create opportunities to help students learn to translate those skills into a language employers understand.

  • The PIE News: Careers Made in Rotterdam – photo gallery

    Press Coverage The PIE News feature pictures from the 6th edition of Careers Made in Rotterdam, an event that brings international students closer to the secrets of the Dutch labour market, that took place in Rotterdam last December.

                    • NAFSA: “A Conversation with Nannette Ripmeester”

                      Press Coverage What are the major challenges and future plans of a SIO/Senior EA Professional in higher education? Mandy Reinig interviews Nannette Ripmeester for NAFSA.


                    • The International Educator: “Going Social”

                      Press Coverage Just as universities increasingly use social media tools to both recruit and evaluate applicants, prospective students also use social media to evaluate and select institutions, as confirmed by Nannette Ripmeester in this NAFSA magazine article by Charlotte West.


                    • The EAIE blog: “Employer insights: What gets your students hired?”

                      Press Coverage At EAIE Liverpool, 2016, Nannette Ripmeester organised an employer panel to discuss the key skills that graduates should have to succeed in the labour market. This EAIE blog post offers a break down of their main insights.


                    • Xpat media: Job Hunting Season in the Netherlands

                      Press Coverage Summer is over, companies are looking for new people to put all the fresh after-summer ideas into practice, some people have decided it is time for a career change, and of course there are also a lot of fresh graduates looking for work. To help you get to grips with the dos and don’ts, we have reviewed the best job-hunting practices in the Netherlands in the Xpat Media article.


                    • EAIE Forum magazine: Satisfaction is in success, not in canteen food

                      Press Coverage Graduates will remember their success following study years, not canteen food – Veronika Norvaisaite and Nannette Ripmeester shared the latest international student satisfaction and employability trends in the EAIE Forum magazine. Spoiler alert: it’s also the Editor’s pick! Disclaimer: this article first appeared in EAIE’s Forum magazine, summer 2016.


                    • Holland Handbook 2016-17: Working in the Netherlands

                      Press Coverage ELM has contributed to the Holland Handbook 2016-17 by sharing the knowledge about the Dutch labour laws and roads to employment in the chapter “Working in the Netherlands”.


                    • Free Lunch Webinar: Cultural differences in the workplace

                      Press Coverage On May 19, Nannette Ripmeester gave insights in how to deal effectively with cultural differences in a business environment and how to kickstart a multinational team in a “Free Lunch” webinar.


                    • The PIE News: Work in Progress

                      Press Coverage Nannette Ripmeester was interviewed for the “Work in Progress” article by Sara Custer, The PIE News, where she shared practical solutions to make modern graduates more employable through their study programmes.


                    • The PIE News: Futurists say tech key to HE access, grad readiness

                      Press Coverage Preparation of students to be successful in the rapidly more tech world of work was discussed by Nannette Ripmeester & Sara Custer at “Student of the Future” conference. Ripmeester suggested universities use gamification to make careers advice more accessible and appealing to students. She added that career training should reach beyond careers centres and into campus-wide curricula.


                    • University World News: New directions – Keeping up with students of the future

                      Press Coverage Contrasting visions of the direction of international higher education were presented to the first “Student of the Future” conference organised by Dutch-based StudyPortals where Nannette Ripmeester stated that Universities need to put emphasis on developing critical skills to ensure their graduates are ready for the future labour market.


                    • Journal of International Students: “International Student Expectations: Career Opportunities and Employability”

                      Press Coverage Are mobile students expecting an international experience to have an impact on their career? This was one of the questions in a global survey, with over 150,000 respondents. Per A Nilsson, Umeå University (Sweden), and Nannette Ripmeester, Expertise in Labour Mobility (the Netherlands), interpret the survey results in this peer-reviewed article of Journal of International Students, Volume 6, Issue 2.


                    • NAFSA TechMig: “New times call for new methods: How Gamification can be used in Higher Education to enhance employability”

                      Press Coverage Gamification in higher education still does sound a little revolutionary. In this blog post, Nannette Ripmeester shares her insights into how Gamification can be used in higher education to make your students more employable.

                    • Global Perspectives on Higher Education: “Global and Local Internationalization”

                      Global Perspectives on Higher Education:
                      Higher education worldwide is in a period of transition, affected by globalization, the advent of mass access, changing relationships between the university and the state, and the new technologies, among others. Global Perspectives on Higher Education provides cogent analysis and comparative perspectives on these and other central issues affecting postsecondary education worldwide. Authors such as Hans de Wit, Darla Deardorff, Elspeth Jones, John Hudzik and Francisco Marmolejo as well as ELM’s Nannette Ripmeester have made a contribution, sharing their expert opinion on the topic. Nannette looks at the skills gained from studying abroad and how they benefit graduates in the work place. She argues that the increasing attention paid to such skills by employers requires students to interpret their experiences in terms that employers will appreciate.


                    • University World News: “The value of an international education”

                      University World News:
                      In her article about the rewarding work in international student services, Jaana Severidt acknowledges that one of the main benefits of internationalisation is preparation for the global market and refers to Nannette Ripmeester’s insights into what skills make graduates employable. Innovative new technologies, such as gaming app, help students develop those skills even if they are not mobile.


                    • IEAA Vista magazine: “Gamification and the Quest for Global Employability”

                      IEAA Vista magazine:
                      Think twice before you give the evil eye to students on their smartphones in class – they might actually be learning! Nannette Ripmeester & Veronika Norvaisaite gave 10 tips on how to use Gamification in the quest for student employability for the winter edition of Vista magazine.


                    • Transfer jaargang 22 nummer 6: “Blijf trouw aan wat bij jou past”

                      Transfer jaargang 22 nummer 6:
                      A nice interview with ELM’s Nannette Ripmeester and what a day at the office entails: from to a typical Dutch lunch – unfortunately for some of you 🙂 in Dutch.

                      Bijna als geen ander weet Nannette Ripmeester welke wensen buitenlandse studenten hebben en wat zij waarderen. Maar de directeur van Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM) houdt zich met meer bezig dan alleen de International Student Barometer.


                    • Argonaut: “Success factors for intercultural experts in a digital world”

                      In this article, Nannette Ripmeester talks about the benefits of saying yes to digital as an intercultural specialist. More specifically, she shares her top success factors for intercultural management professionals and anyone interested in developing a career in intercultural training.

                    • Holland Handbook 2015-2016: Working in the Netherlands

                      Holland Handbook 2015-2016: Working in the NetherlandsNannette Ripmeester is one of the contributing authors to the “Working in the Netherlands” chapter of 2015 edition Holland Handbook: all you need to know about the Dutch employment market.


                    • Train and Retain. Career Support for International Students in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden

                      Train and Retain. Career Support for International Students in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and SwedenThe Study presents the results from the first international mapping of local support structures for the study-to-work transition of international students in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. It incorporates the SER report done by Nannette Ripmeester and Hans de Wit to identify shortcomings and gives recommendations for an improved job entry support, including the educational gaming app


                    • The Development of International Competences by IBMS Alumni

                      The Development of International Competences by IBMS AlumniThe report of the alumni survey. Nannette Ripmeester contributed to the examination of the match between education and professional needs.


                    • BNR Nieuwsradio: Terugkerende Expats

                      BNR NieuwsradioBNR News Radio morning interview with Nannette Ripmeester on the need for more flexibility for the returning Dutch expats and family reunification (in Dutch).

                    • Student Guide: Job Hunting Season in Rotterdam

                      International Student Guide: Job Hunting Season in RotterdamAutumn is an intense job-hunter’s season for fresh graduates. To help them recap the do’s and don’ts, Veronika Norvaisaite has reviewed the best job-hunting practices in the Netherlands in general, and in Rotterdam in particular as a contribution to the new issue of International Student Guide for International Students Rotterdam (ISR).


                    • HO management: De vraag naar talent

                      HO: De vraag naar talentHoger onderwijs staat in de schijnwerpers. Onze economie heeft een grote behoefte aan talent. Maar levert het onderwijs ook echt de mensen waar behoefte aan is op de arbeidsmarkt? Wie bepaalt welke competenties belangrijk zijn? En wat verwachten werkgevers van het hoger onderwijs? Geschreven door Nannette Ripmeester.


                    • At Wit’s End. Reflections on Hans de Wit in the wild world of higher education

                      At Wit’s End. Reflections on Hans de Wit in the wild world of higher educationAt Wit’s End. Reflections on Hans de Wit in the wild world of higher education”, Editors Jos Beelen & Lucy Kerstens, with contributions from of great variety of people from the world of internationalisation of higher education. Nannette wrote the contribution Make it anywhere with 3P’s. ISHBC: 31-54-8401167190-99.


                    • Holland Handbook: Working in the Netherlands

                      Holland Handbook: Working in the Netherlands Nannette Ripmeester is one of the contributing authors to the “Working in the Netherlands” chapter of 2014 edition Holland Handbook: all you need to know about working in this small country with its international and impressively diverse job market.


                    • NRCQ: Lang lunchen en veel kletsen: zo doe je zaken met Spanje

                      NRCQ: Lang lunchen en veel kletsen: zo doe je zaken met Spanje Vandaag zijn we natuurlijk even tégen Spanje. Maar als de wedstrijd gespeeld is, en het WK voorbij, gaan de zaken gewoon verder. Wat zijn de do’s en don’ts van het zakendoen met Spanjaarden? Het staat voor een andere manier van werken. Spontaner, flexibeler. Niet met een strakke planning, zegt Nannette Ripmeester.


                    • Hervorming arbeidsrecht is dringend noodzakelijk.

                      Hervorming arbeidsrecht is dringend noodzakelijk. De meeste winst voor de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt valt te halen uit een herziening van het arbeidsrecht. Het kabinet heeft een aantal ‘verbeteringen’ (tussen heel grote aanhalingstekens) aangekondigd. Een van die ‘verbeteringen’ is de definitieve nekslag voor de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt.


                    • EAIE Handbook: International Businesses: Consumers of Global Talent?

                      EAIEIs the corporate world a true consumer of global talent? The impact of globalization on business is obvious and therefore the need for more cultural savvy staff is apparent. Does the Higher Education sector need to follow the business world’s lead or are HE institutions in the driver’s seat at all times when it comes to priming graduates who are able to work across continents?


                    • IEEE: What Happens when Gen Y enters the Global Job Market?

                      IEEE There is a lot said about Generation Y. And as with every generation, comments have not always been positive. Gen Y has been described by some as a group of overqualified yet under-experienced individuals who are willing to work in teams whilst keen to make their own mark. Read more to find out how you as part of this generation can enter the global job market successfully!


                      • Bertelsmann Stiftung: Harnessing European Labour Mobility

                        Harnessing European Labour Mobility To help foster intra-EU mobility, the Harnessing European Labour Mobility study presents 16 prioritised policy recommendations assessed and tested through a scenario analysis. Nannette Ripmeester was part of the advisory board and contributed to the study with an entry on the value of Erasmus+ programme in professional and personal development of young talents.


                      • University World News, 21 March 2014

                        University World News The new legislation in Sweden that will aid foreign doctoral candidates and students in staying and working in the country after graduating addresses the high dissatisfaction rates with employment prospects by students in Sweden, as reveled by Nannette Ripmeester, an i-graduate survey spokesperson.


                      • SVENSKA DAGBLADET, Svenska högskolor kritiseras av internationella studenter

                        SvD NYHETER SVENSKA DAGBLADET newspaper reported that there is room for improvement in the Swedish higher education system as showed, amongst others, by the International Student Barometer. When interviewed about the results, Nannette Ripmeester pointed to the worryingly high students’ dissatisfaction with their levels of employability after graduation, and further emphasised the need to ensure that the international talents feel welcome in order to sustain a healthy economic growth of the country in the future.


                      • Harvard Business Review 25 February 2014

                        Harvard Business Review In an article titled How To Say “This Is Crap” In Different Cultures, Erin Meyer referred to a Anglo-Dutch translation guide by Nannette Ripmeester explaining how miscommunication can occur between ‘direct cultures’ and ‘indirect cultures’, in this case between the Dutch and the British. A misunderstanding of culture differences can even cost you your job.


                      • Eurograduate 2014

                        Eurograduate 2014Global mobility expert Nannette Ripmeester sheds light on graduate employability in Europe. What are the skills needed and how to sell those to employers? And where in Europe do you find opportunities? To illustrate what is required to get hired, Expertise in Labour Mobility’s Archie Pollock has conducted 3 interviews to give you some idea of what has worked for these internationals.

                        Die globale Mobilitätsexpertin Nannette Ripmeester bringt Licht in die Vermittelbarkeit von Hochschulabsolventen in Europa. Welche Fähigkeiten werden gefordert, und wie verkauft man diese den Arbeitgebern? Und wo in Europa liegen Ihre Chancen? Um zu zeigen, welche Voraussetzungen gebraucht weden, um angestellt zu werden, hat Archie Pollock von Expertise in Labour Mobility 3 Interviews durchgefürht.


                      • Willkommen in Deutschland: Wie internationale Studierende den Hochschulstandort Deutschland wahrnehmen

                        Willkommen in Deutschland reportAs part of the GATE (HRK and DAAD) Germany series to promote international higher education in Germany, Archie Pollock and Nannette Ripmeester have written a report about how international students see and value German higher education based on the data from i-graduate, including the International Student Barometer (ISB), StudentPulse (SP) and interviews.


                      • Elsevier: Hoezo geen banen? In het buitenland is werk genoeg

                        ElsevierAl zijn er tekenen van economisch herstel, op de arbeidsmarkt is het nog steeds misère en die wordt dit jaar alleen maar erger. Lijdzaam afwachten is niet nodig: in veel andere landen is meer dan voldoende werk.

                      • BNR Zakendoen met: Nannette Ripmeester


                      • The Class of 2020. The Next European Renaissance

                        The Class of 2020. The Next European RenaissanceThe Class of 2020, the largest European housing platform, has included Nannette Ripmeester in its annual publication. Nannette has emphasised that understanding students’ choices in international academic careers is crucial.


                      • Global Education. A narrative

                        Global Education. A narrativeA book “Global Education. A narrative” marks the contributions of Hanneke Teekens, a Grande Dame of internationalisation, at Nuffic. Nannette Ripmeester, among other experts, has shared her views about the value of international education in the book.


                      • The Guardian, Guardian Careers

                        Emplois and Beschäftigung: job applications in EuropeNannette Ripmesteer shared her expertise with The Guardian on adapting ones CV and cover letter to different European countries.


                      • Report of Rijksoverheid

                        Het behouden van buitenlandse studenten voor de Nederlandse arbeidsmarktHans de Wit and Nannette Ripmeester contributed to the Social and Economic Council (SER) report about retaining foreign students in the Dutch labour market.


                      • Holland Handbook

                        Guide for expatriates: Holland HandbookNannette Ripmeester is the co-author of Chapter 2 “Working in the Netherlands” in Holland Handbook, which contains information on employment laws, booming sectors, labour market and salaries among other relevant topics for the expatriates.


                      • WES: International Mobility Forum

                        WES: International Mobility ForumGraduate employment has had a terribly slow recovery, and today’s graduates face stiff
                        competition in the job market, presentation by Nannette Ripmeester


                      • CareerBuilders UK

                        CareerBuilders UK: How to get a job abroadHow to get a job abroad, by Rachel Burge


                      • Intermediair

                        Intermediair: op elk in je carriereSolliciteren in Australië: de do’s en don’ts voor je cv, by Nannette Ripmeester


                      • BCF Career Guide Book ’13/’14

                        BCF Career Guide Book '13/'14Expand your boundaries, find a job abroad! Featuring Nannette Ripmeester


                      • NRC Next

                        NRC NextKom werken, kom uitgeven, featuring Nannette Ripmeester, 29 May 2013


                      • University World News, 18 May 2013

                        University World NewsThe pessimism about doing a PhD does not reflect the experience of all students, as evidenced by increasing numbers of doctoral students and claimed by Hans de Wit and Nannette Ripmeester – aging populations and dropping interest among young people in sciences and engineering in developing countries require highly skilled people


                      • University World News, 20 April 2013

                        University World NewsWith the rich world worrying about skills shortages, one solution being pursued is to boost the ‘stay rates’ of international students. “The global brain race – Robbing developing countries” refers to the summary done by Hans de Wit and Nannette Ripmeester about the measures taken to increase the stay rates of students


                      • Wereldveroveraars

                        fd.nlInternationale Ondernemers Kunnen niet zonder Stereotypen,


                      • Transfer Maart 2013

                        Transfer Maart 2013Buitenlandse student wil best blijven, Annelieke Zandvliet


                      • Eurograduate 2013

                        Eurograduate 2013The current economic climate in Europe has had a profound effect on the way in which we view labour mobility, by Nannette Ripmeester, 2013


                      • University World News

                        University World NewsOECD countries face stiff competition in getting foreign students to stay, written by Hans de Wit and Nannette Ripmeester, 17 February 2013


                      • NRC Next

                        NRC NextElke maandag een enkeltje Bristol, featuring Nannette Ripmeester, 30 January 2013


                      • Vertrek NL

                        Vertrek NLGezocht: baan in het buitenland, by Nannette Ripmeester, January 2013

                      • EAIE (European Association for International Education)

                        EAIE blog: Employability: Matching employer needs with student capabilities  Employability: Matching employer needs with students capabilities . 12 December 2012

                      • BNR Interview with Nannette Ripmeester

                        EU Crisis and Cultural Differences, November 2012



                        ob hunting in SwitzerlandJob hunting in Switzerland. 14 September 2012


                      • HP – De Tijd

                        Ook de expat moet inleverenOok de expat moet inleveren featuring Nannette Ripmeester, November 2012


                      • The Times

                        Jobless Graduates Should Look AbroadJobless Graduates Should Look Abroad featuring Nannette Ripmeester, 13 October 2012


                      • Werken in China: Guanxi en Mianzi

                        Werken in ChinaWerken in China: Guanxi en Mianzi, by Lotte Edelkoort & Wytske Siegersma. Augustus 2012


                      • International Herald Tribune

                        European countries compete to attract, and retain, foreign students (Chapter 2)European countries compete to attract, and retain, foreign students. Featuring Nannette Ripmeester, 13 August 2012.



                        European Countries Compete to Attract, and Retain, Foreign StudentsEuropean Countries Compete to Attract, and Retain, Foreign Students. 11 August 2012


                      • The Indispensable Guide for Expatriates: Holland Handbook Ed.2012-2013

                        Working in The Netherlands (Chapter 2)Working in The Netherlands (Chapter 2) by Stephanie Dijkstra, Han van der Horst, Peter Kranenburg, Bart van Meijl, Nannette Ripmeester, Liane van de Vrugt


                      • 7 Days – Er is straks heus wel werk

                        7 Days - Er is straks heus wel werk.7 Days – Er is straks heus wel werk with Nannette Ripmeester, 25 May 2012


                      • Algemeen Dagblad: Expertise in Labour Mobility ontwikkelt online game Worldcitizens@work

                        Expertise in Labour Mobility ontwikkelt online game Worldcitizens@workExpertise in Labour Mobility ontwikkelt online game Worldcitizens@work, 18 May 2012


                      • Expat on Air

                        Nannette RipmeesterZó vind je werk in het buitenland, 24 Maart 2012. This article includes a radio interview of Nannette Ripmeester by Jeroen Dirks van Expat on Air:

                      • Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

                        Lotte Edelkoort‘Waar vind ik een baan in het buitenland?’ by Lotte Edelkoort, 29 March 2012



                        Job hunting in SwitzerlandJob hunting in Switzerland, March 2012



                        Management Culture in SwitzerlandManagement Culture in Switzerland, March 2012



                        What makes the Dutch Dutch?What makes the Dutch Dutch?, March 2012



                        A checklist: Getting a job in FranceA checklist: Getting a job in France, March 2012



                        Looking for work in SpainLooking for work in Spain, March 2012



                        Management culture in FranceManagement culture in France, March 2012



                        Looking for work in BelgiumLooking for work in Belgium, March 2012



                        Country profile: SwitzerlandCountry profile: Switzerland, March 2012


                      • The Independent

                        'I borrow the tuition fees and get full grants'”I borrow the tuition fees and get full grants”, 9 March 2012


                      • Vertrek NL: Living out of a Box

                        Vertrek NLLiving out of a box, by Lotte Edelkoort, February 2012


                      • Wereldomroep: An Interview with Nannette Ripmeester about looking for work in Portugal

                        Maurice Laparlière interviews Nannette Ripmeester about Portugal, February 2012

                      • Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

                        Wanted: een internationale carrière‘Wanted: een internationale carrière’ by Wytske Siegersma, 19 January 2012


                      • Wereldomroep Interview on ELM’s Portugal Guide

                        Interview ELM Portugal GuideMaurice Laparlière Interviews Nannette Ripmeester for Wereldomroep about ELM’s Portugal Guide and working in Portugal, January 2012
                      • The Guardian

                        CV advice: how to apply for jobs in Europe‘CV advice: how to apply for jobs in Europe’, 15 December 2011



                        Looking for work in Portugal‘Looking for work in Portugal’, 12 December 2011



                        What makes the Dutch Dutch?‘What makes the Dutch Dutch?’, 12 December 2011



                        Working in Portugal‘Working in Portugal’, 12 December 2011


                      • Vertrek NL

                        In Rusland werken of er je eigen bedrijf starten vergt voorbereiding!In Rusland werken of er je eigen bedrijf starten vergt voorbereiding!, September 2011


                      • Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

                        The XPAT JournalWerken en wonen in Duitsland, 13 October 2011


                      • The XPAT Journal

                        The XPAT JournalCost Efficiency and Globalization: Expatriation on a shoestring, Autumn issue 2011



                        Graduate focus: open up the world for careers‘Graduate focus: open up the world for careers’, 18 September 2011


                      • – Economie

                        Ondernemers onderschatten gevaar werk in buitenland‘Ondernemers onderschatten gevaar werk in buitenland’, 17 September 2011


                      • Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

                        Wat doen we met de kinderen?Wat doen we met de kinderen?, 8 September 2011


                      • Interview with the Guardian

                        Careers Talk podcast: A graduate guide to job seeking abroad, August 2011


                      • QS Top Universities

                        Dutch institutions discuss creation of new ‘mega-university’Dutch institutions discuss creation of new ‘mega-university’, August 2011


                      • Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

                        Mega university to put Netherlands on academic mapMega university to put Netherlands on academic map, 26 July 2011


                      • Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

                        Universitas Raksasa: Daya Tarik BelandaUniversitas Raksasa: Daya Tarik Belanda, 26 July 2011


                      • Cosmopolitan South Africa

                        Cosmopolitan South AfricaMake Working Overseas Work for You! May 2011


                      • NRC Handelsblad

                        RepatriationTerug in Nederland wacht de expat een lauwwarm bad, 28-29 May 2011


                      • University World News

                        GLOBAL: UNESCO debates uses and misuses of rankingsNannette Ripmeester reveals that rankings are not a primary source of information for students, 22 May 2011


                      • Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

                        Expatbeleid voor partnersTja – waar laat ik mijn partner? Expatbeleid voor partners, 28 April, 2011


                      • Expatica

                        Management Culture in South AfricaManagement Culture in South Africa, 6 April 2011


                      • Expatica

                        Looking for Work in South AfricaLooking for work in South Africa, 6 April 2011


                      • Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

                        Live and Work in the USWerken en wonen in de VS, 17 March 2011


                      • Stagelopen in Stappen

                        Solliciteren in het buitenlandInterview over solliciteren over de grens, March 2011


                      • Transfer

                        Cosmopolitan South AfricaCijfersysteem zet Nederland op achterstand, March 2011
                      • Pediatric Pulmonology

                        How the British and the Dutch CommunicateSeparated by a Common Translation? How the British and the Dutch Communicate, 30 December 2010


                      • Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

                        Expats op een koopjeExpats op een koopje, 7 December 2010


                      • Wereldexpat

                        Turkse werkcultuur: een scala aan mogelijkhedenTurkse werkcultuur: een scala aan mogelijkheden, Wytske Siegersma, 16 November 2010



                        Cosmopolitan South AfricaOPINION : « Atouts et faiblesses des banquiers français candidats à l’expatriation », 12 November 2010


                      • Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, Nieuwslijn Magazine

                        Nannette RipmeesterNannette Ripmeester in gesprek met Frans Regtien, 11 October 2010


                      • Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

                        Expat maakt plaats voor internationale forensExpat maakt plaats voor internationale forens, 11 October 2010


                      • Expatica

                        Visit relocation providers at the Visit relocation providers at the “i am not a tourist” Fair, 21 September 2010



                        Bedrijven zoeken expats op een koopjeBedrijven zoeken expats op een koopje, 17 September 2010


                      • LOI Werk & Carriere

                        Kijk uit met die grote Nederlandse mondKijk uit met die grote Nederlandse mond, jaargang 2, 2010


                      • Glamour

                        Lang leve het expat-bestaan?, August 2010.


                      • Guardian

                        Graduates look overseas as jobs dry upGraduates look overseas as jobs dry up, 10 July 2010.


                      • Expatica

                        Business culture in MoscowBusiness culture in Moscow, 08 June 2010.


                      • Expat on Air

                        Ondernemers kom ook naar de Chinese stad Chengdu!Ondernemers kom ook naar de Chinese stad Chengdu!, 10 april 2010.


                      • WereldExpat

                        In Rusland werken, of je eigen bedrijf starten, vergt voorbereiding!In Rusland werken, of je eigen bedrijf starten, vergt voorbereiding!, 18 maart 2010.


2009 Articles

Teleac: HelderNederland exportland, 2 December 2009.

EenVandaagDubai dreigt failliet te gaan. Gevolgen voor het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven?, 27 November 2009.

Intermediair, Ex-Expat. Na buitenlandse advontuur terug de Nederlandse file in, 12 November 2009.

Buitenlandse MarktenEuropees netwerk voor vrouwelijk ondernemerschap, November 2009.

XPat JournalExpatriated or not? That remains the question…, September 2009.

AndersomNederlandse werknemers focust meer op rechten dan op plichten, September 2009.

Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, De Braziliaanse werkcultuur – Emotie hoort bij communicatie, 10 August 2009.

Expatica NewsFewer expats sent abroad due to crisis, 15 June 2009.

Radio Nederland WereldomroepMinder expats naar buitenland door crisis, 11 June 2009.

Radio Nederland WereldomroepDe Indiase arbeidsmarkt, 8 June 2009.

Het Financieele DagbladVerdreven uit het paradijs, 23 May 2009.

Management Team, Ga over de grens, 1 May 2009

Het Financieele DagbladNederlanders zijn een eerlijke perzik, 4 April 2009.

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WereldExpat, Internationale arbeidsmarkt tijdens de kredietcrisis. Waar doen zich welke arbeidsmarktkansen voor? 04 February 2009.

Erasmus MagazineThe Dutch are quite OK, 15 January 2009.

2008 Articles

Het Financieele Dagblad, Expats in de polder, 8 November 2008.

Dutch National Radio, BNR Nieuwsradio, 3 November 2008.

Pressmitteilung, Indien zu Besuch in Rotterdam, 31 October 2008.

Firmenpresse, Indien zu Besuch in Rotterdam, 31 October 2008., Indien zu Besuch in Rotterdam, 31 October 2008.

Go-with-us, Indien zu Besuch in Rotterdam, 31 October 2008.

De Pers, Pendelexpats: De deeltijdexpat reist liever dan hij verhuist, 20 October 2008.

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Press Releases of Expertise in Labour Mobility

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