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Project Title: World Citizens at Work

Project Description: The game tests people’ s expectations and perceptions and provides direct feedback on the answers given. World Citizens at Work is only available as tailored-made application for ELM’s corporate clients.

The examples of conducting business abroad, provided by Nannette Ripmeester, brought about a wave of recognition from those in attendance. It truly made people realise the importance of understanding the cultural values of others, and how that can lead to success in business dealings in foreign countries.

- Harm Kreulen, Director of KLM Nederland


Project Title: Expat Starters Keep in Touch KIT

Project Description: The Expat Starters Keep In Touch KIT developed for Philips International Mobility Services is designed to enhance the international experience for Philips’s expats and their families worldwide.

The Philip’s Starter’s Kit has added value to our expats when preparing for their assignment abroad, their actual relocation from their home to their host country and with the settling in into their new location. Since we started using the KIT both expatriates, our International Mobility Staff and HR Managers reported that it’s a real success. Expatriates say they find the content easy to read and understand, plus the tool ensures they are making informed decisions about their decision to go abroad. International Mobility Staff report the KIT and its content, helps them structure their way of working and communicating with expatriates. As part of the Starter’s KIT we have published magazines for our expats – the ‘moving abroad’ magazine was a helpful tool to communicate changes in our expat policies and ways of working in delivering services in a practical and easy-to-understand way.

- Marin Cocu, Head of International Mobility - Philips International B.V

European Commission

Co-ordination of the EURES information database
“Mrs Nannette Ripmeester was responsible for the co-ordination of information of the EURES ‘working and living conditions’ database. She collected information from the EURES network members in the Member States, researched topics such a living conditions, recruitment matters and regional EU labour markets and wrote practical texts, which assist mobile workers within the European Union. She has the ability to expedite matters efficiently and rapidly and is very proficient at co-ordinating and solving problems quickly. The many presentations Mrs Ripmeester has given underline her dedication to success of the EURES system.”

- Colin Wolfe, Acting Head of Unit DG5 - European Commission

Technical University Delft

Career Courses for International Students
I have hired Nannette Ripmeester over the past few years to run workshops for both our national and international students looking for careers in an international environment. I turned to Nannette as she impressed me during a presentation with her sharp insight into the needs of the various groups of students from so many countries and the way she so speedily adapts to gear to the newly developing needs. The great influx of international MSc into our university over recent years students has necessitated a whole new strategy in the area of careers counselling and Nannette has been quick to help us fill in the gap.

Students have been most appreciative of her wide knowledge of cultural aspects involved both in career finding and in the actual professional positions. They have been most impressed by the way she has been able to address culturally widely diverse audiences. She has managed to provide them with just the kinds of insight and materials they were looking for.

- Caroline Scheepmaker, Manager Career Centre - TU Delft

The Municipality of Rotterdam

Interactive event to retain international students in Rotterdam
“Rotterdam is a dynamic international open city. International students quickly fall in love with it, but they are not acquainted with its job market. Two Careers Made in Rotterdam (CMiR) events have so far given 250 internationally-focused ambitious young people a renewed feeling what Rotterdam truly has to offer for them. Expertise in Labour Mobility organises CMiR from concept to event. Working with them brings energy to each event as they combine market knowledge with career insight and are able to drive the event forward and unite all participants involved.”

- Jeannette Leete, Project Manager - Gemeente Rotterdam

Croon TBI Techniek

Designing an Expat Policy and providing expat support
“Working with Expertise in Labour Mobility in streamlining our Expat policy and processes meant a tailor-made approach, with more support when we needed it and accurate and down-to-earth answering of questions when appropriate. Their hands-on approach works well for us. At Croon we want simple solutions for our problems – Expertise in Labour Mobility understands this and acts on it.”

- Jos Spelbos, HR Manager - Croon

UWV WERKbedrijf

International training courses and information provision in the area of job mobility
Over a period of more than 15 years I have worked with Nannette Ripmeester. I have come to know her as a dedicated professional in the area of European Labour Mobility. Nannette is a skilful and energetic trainer; capable of dealing with various nationalities and aware of the issues a mixture of nationalities brings to a group. I have also worked with her as an information provider in the area of job mobility. Her work for both the European Commission as well as her own organisation has always proved to be of the highest quality. Accurate, international, on-time delivery, cost-effective, practical, focussed, ambitious and with a drive for aptness.

- Jeannette van Yperen, EURES Manager - UWV WERKbedrijf

Workshop Participants

Romanian Workshop Participant


The workshop really means something for newcomers in The Netherlands. I’m sure that all attendants fell much better after the workshop, they are more confident and more relaxed. It’s nice to meet people from different countries, different cultures and to see/share reactions about Dutch life, culture.

Nigerian Workshop Participant

Friesland Campina Consumer Products

On behalf of my colleagues and me, I want to thank you and your team for that impressive and interactive workshop on “What Makes the Dutch Dutch”. Indeed, it makes us appreciate the Dutch more and I quite believe that we will continue to reap the fruit of this workshop all through our stay in Netherlands.

Bulgarian Workshop Participant


There is nothing wrong with me, I can see other people thinking and feeling the same way. Understand the culture and you are half way there. Much easier when there is somebody (in this case Expertise in Labour Mobility as a team) to tell you more about it, to answer your questions, those you just cannot address to any of your neighbours or colleagues, without running a risk of being seen as rude.