What Drives an Expat?

Find out through this book with 20 profiles of people sharing their reasons for and experiences of being mobile. From expat kids to retired ambassadors; from frequent travellers to entire families on the move; it tells the stories of experienced expats and young people embarking on their international careers. 20 profiles of mobile people living and working outside their home country – 20 pictures of what drives them.
The book highlights the stories and experiences of those living and working around the globe. It explains what drives world citizens to be mobile.

Given the increasing globalisation, it is fascinating to understand the intrinsic motivation of people to move around the world to live and work elsewhere. However, with the emergence of smart technology and instant worldwide connection, you may wonder why people still go abroad. Where is the need to talk to colleagues in Ankara, work in an office in Bangalore or meet with clients in Chicago, when virtual possibilities ensure nearly instant connection allowing managing and meeting from a distance? The reasons are human curiosity and true understanding of the other: Knowing and trusting each other is still the basis for working relationships, even for the “WiFi generation”. Internet has made us more, not less, interested in exploring the world and the cultures around us.

Whether travelling for work, or working for travel, people have gone to the ends of the earth for their job. Experiencing travel and world culture have become paramount in the international labour market, so much so that without international experience, it’s as if a piece of the puzzle is missing…

Title: What drives an expat?
Published by: Expertise in Labour Mobility, 2012
Authors: Joseph Cavanna, Lotte Edelkoort, Archie Pollock, Nannette Ripmeester, Wytske Siegersma
ISBN: 978-90-5896-102-0
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