Corporate Level Workshops

Expats & Partners

The Expat & Partners workshop helps to unearth your host culture’s secrets, helping you to deal with differences you might come across. Take this workshop and success is guaranteed!

Teams & Diversity

Whether your objective is to get to know each other better, or to undertake cross-cultural team building, you will achieve a lot during an ELM team event. It provides the perfect opportunity for improved understanding of one another so that you may work together more effectively. Have a look at the benefits:

World Citizens at Work Game

Expertise in Labour Mobility has developed a game that can be used to teach, educate and stimulate cultural awareness among its participants. Discussion afterwards leads to a better understanding and feeling for the ‘other’ culture.

  • How do I make contact?
  • Why are business values different?
  • What are the ‘cuisine’ customs?
  • Who holds the decision making power?
Expats en Partners
  • Develop shared vision, mission and values.
  • Set clear goals and global outcomes.
  • Understand differences in team roles.
  • Discover cultural and personal differences.
  • Interactive and fun!
  • Enhance global work skills.
  • A tailored made application.
  • Test expectations and perceptions.
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