World Talent Rotterdam

an event for company representatives in Rotterdam

World Talent Rotterdam


  • Target audience: company representative who would like to use the full potential of international talents in the Greater Rotterdam Area.


  • Why hire international talent?
  • What is international talent?
  • How to hire international talent?
  • What if… cultural differences once they’re hired

Speakers in the previous workshops:

  • Nannette Ripmeester, Director of Expertise in Labour Mobility
  • Caroline Scheepmaker, Manager Career Centre TU Delft

More information: if you would like to know how your company can be involved in the next workshop(s), send your inquiry to Babet Agten with the subject ‘World Talent Rotterdam’.

This event gives you a great insight about the possibilities for working with International students/graduates in The Netherlands. The interaction with the students made the event practical and also fun!

- Joost Kragten, International Recruitment Manager, Dosign Engineering