AIEA 2018 @ Washington DC | Session: How can Internationalization help ‘future-proof’ your students for employability in turbulent times?
15:30 to 16:45

Expertise in Labour Mobility will take part in the AIEA conference in Washington DC from 18-21 February 2018. The AIEA conference annually brings together vice-rectors and directors for international affairs and other “Senior International Officers” from the US and other parts of the world.

During AIEA, Nannette Ripmeester will be chairing and co-presenting the session ‘How can internationalization help ‘future-proof’ your students for employability in turbulent times?’ presenting together with Brett Berquist (University of Auckland, New Zealand) & Katie Orr (NSCC, Canada).

During this session they will bring in global perspectives on employability, looking at how employability is perceived from a Canadian, New Zealand and European perspective. They will discuss what Higher Education Institutions can do to prepare future-proof students for a global and interconnected world admits the current changing landscape. Views from global employers, international students & Higher Education Professionals will be brought into the discussion to explore the alignment between career needs, internationalisation, employability expectations and related motivations.