PhD Workshop: Looking for work in the Netherlands | TU Delft Graduate School
09:30 to 17:00

PhD Workshop: Looking for work in the Netherlands

TU Delft (12)

Nannette Ripmeester will deliver the PhD workshop “Looking for work in the Netherlands” for PhD candidates of the TU Delft Graduate School.

Post-Docs and PhDs often face questions surrounding career development, which differ from the issues faced by regular job-seekers or students. This highly interactive one-day workshop is aimed at bringing clarity to early career development for academics that are looking for work in the Netherlands, inside or outside academia.

After the workshop, participants will understand more about the Dutch labour market as well as the cultural differences in the Dutch application process and procedures. It will give international PhD candidates a better picture of what to expect and how to move forward with their career in the Netherlands.

We’ll answer questions such as what’s the best CV format for the Netherlands, how to write a successful application letter, what questions to expect in a Dutch job interview, what to wear (or not to wear). But apart from the practicalities around job hunting, we also look into strength and weaknesses and preferred career trajectories. This PhD workshop covers to full package: from job search preparation to successful application interview (and every step in between).