AIEA 2018 @ Washington DC | Session: Preparing Students for the Diverse Workplace
17:00 to 18:15

Expertise in Labour Mobility will take part in the AIEA conference in Washington DC from 18-21 February 2018. The AIEA conference annually brings together vice-rectors and directors for international affairs and other “Senior International Officers” from the US and other parts of the world.

At this year’s AIEA 2018 Nannette Ripmeester will be chairing and co-presenting the session: Preparing Students for the Diverse Workplace, together with Darla Deardorff & Elaine Meyer-Lee.

The current global workplace means that students need to be well prepared to engage with diverse colleagues, but how do you prepare your students to be successful within such diversity? In this session the speakers will share knowledge, case studies, proven technology solutions to prep your students for the global world of work. The session explores how SIOs can support students to be job-market ready with tested intercultural tools, based on extensive research and case studies. Delegates will be able to engage in a gamification app to understand how technology can be used as an enabler and multiplier of training cultural skills.