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Our philosophy

The major strength of our team is to support businesses and individuals to become an integral part of the global workplace. Our solutions are client specific, whether it is a workshop, a digital solution or a research project. And we always strive to make mobility work!
Nannette Ripmeester
Why we do it?

We believe that the current way of thinking about labour mobility is outdated. International Labour Mobility is often treated more complicated than it needs to be. Hence, a lot of potential and personal growth does not reach its peak. Both for organisations and individuals we would like to see a change: ELM strives to make mobility work.

How we do it?

We believe that the best way to achieve this change is by doing two things: 1) simplifying the entire process of international labour mobility, and 2) attuning people to the cultural diversity that is present across the globe. We want to install a new mentality into people and change their modus operandi by helping them make sense of the current complexity of international labour mobility.

What do we do?

We achieve this change in mentality by providing people and organisations with the necessary knowledge and training in the form of apps, workshops, research, and customised solutions. We also provide our customers with a wide range of career guides tailored to help them adjust to the cultural idiosyncrasies present in the different countries they might choose to live and work in.

Meet the team

Nannette Ripmeester

Nannette is a Dutch national, with an MA degree from the University of Amsterdam in European Studies. Having worked for 7 years at the European Commission in the area of mobility of workers, she is knowledgeable of its complicated legal framework and the technicalities around building a Europe-wide database for vacancy exchange and career mobility. Her own experiences, working on a project-base in 17 EU countries, have helped in creating an insight into the practicalities of working across borders. As ELM’s founder and director, she aims at making mobility work. Her role towards corporate clients, universities and international mobile expats and graduates is helping organisations and individuals to become part of the global workplace.


Nannette Ripmeester

Director & International Mobility Expert
Kim Thy

Kim is Dutch with Vietnamese roots. She is a published photographer and an experienced graphical designer who holds a BSc in Industrial Design Engineering and an MSc in Design for Interaction at the Technical University of Delft. Kim has also had a year of Psychology at Erasmus University of Rotterdam which has added to her understanding of interactive design. Her photography focuses on colour, composition and calmness while Kim describes her designs as clean, geometric and minimalistic.

Kim Thy

Graphic Designer & Photographer
Sevi Christoforou

Sevi was born in Athens, Greece. She holds a BA in Communication & Media from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and a MA in Media, Culture & Society with the Erasmus University Rotterdam. After graduation, she moved to Brussels to work in communications for an international non-profit organisation. Her experiences in international and cross-cultural environments sparked her interest for intercultural communication and cultural diversity in the workplace. Her role in ELM mainly revolves around career coaching, social media and intercultural training. Sevi is our “Queen of CV Checks” as on average she reviews more than 150 CVs a year!


Sevi Christoforou

Career Advisor & Intercultural Trainer
Anna Sijbrands

Anna Sijbrands is a Dutch national fond of cultural diversity. This might be due to the fact that she went to a bilingual kindergarten which sparked an interest in different cultures and languages at an early age. She has travelled extensively and her favourite place on earth is Rotterdam (next to Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Perth, London, Rome, Shanghai and Paris …). She is keen to develop artistically. After graduating from the Libanon Technasium, she started her BA in Theatre Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. Her role within the ELM team is focussed on social media and intercultural content creation.


Anna Sijbrands

Content Management & Social Media Assistant
Emma Cornelis

Emma is a Dutch national who holds a BA in European Studies from The Hague University. She has spent a semester in France, learning to master the French language. Working in various multicultural settings has sparked her interest in working in an international environment.  Working as a content strategist her role is looking at complex labour market issues and turning them into practical tips and accessible information for mobile students & graduates. Emma’s research interest lies in labour market ecosystems and effective collaboration between key players. In her free time, travelling the world is her favourite thing to do.


Emma Cornelis

Content Strategist & Intercultural Researcher
Rita Nguyen

Rita is a Vietnamese national who has been living in Rotterdam for several years. She is currently studying at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, majoring in International Business Administration. Having worked actively in an international student organization for a year, Rita realized that she would like to develop her career in an international environment. She wants to explore various cultures around the world. Having recently completed an internship as General Management Assistant at Bosch in Vietnam, she has further developed her skills in switching between cultural settings.


Rita Nguyen

Executive Sales Assistant & Pipeline Wizard


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