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Why do we do it?

We believe that the current way of thinking about labour mobility is outdated. International Labour Mobility is often treated more complicated than it needs to be. Hence a lot of potential and personal growth does not reach its peak. Both for organisations and individuals we would like to see a change: ELM strives to make mobility work.

How do we do it?

We believe that the best way to achieve this change is by doing two things: 1) simplifying the entire process of international labour mobility, and 2) attuning people to the cultural diversity that is present across the globe. We want to install a new mentality into people and change their modus operandi by helping them make sense of the current complexity of international labour mobility.

What do we do?

We achieve this change in mentality by providing people and companies with the necessary knowledge and training in the form of workshops and customised corporate solutions. We also provide our customers with a wide range of career guides tailored to help them adjust to the cultural idiosyncrasies present in the different countries they might choose to live and work in.