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Expertise in Labour Mobility provides customised solutions and professional training on working across borders and among different cultures. Making Mobility Work is what our job is about!


Attract global employers.

Integrate into your host country.

Retain your professional vibe.

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Attract international top talent.

Integrate team members.

Retain key employees.

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Attract international students.

Integrate all students.

Retain talent & alumni.

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Matija Kos, Croatian MA Student

“Thank you for your advice and suggestions! I reconsidered all information on my old CV and reconstructed it as a one-page CV only with the crucial information. I immediately applied for international positions and got four interview dates from which two are 2nd round.”

Matija Kos, Croatian MA Student KU Leuven, Belgium
Harm Kreulen, Director

“The examples of conducting business abroad, provided by Nannette Ripmeester, brought about a wave of recognition from those in attendance. It truly made people realise the importance of understanding the cultural values of others, and how that can lead to success in business dealings in foreign countries.”

Harm Kreulen, Director KLM Nederland
Caroline Scheepmaker, Head of Career & Counseling Services

“We have been working with ELM for several years now to run workshops for both our national and international students to provide global careers advice in an international environment. Students have been most appreciative of the wide knowledge of cultural aspects involved both in career finding and in the actual professional positions.”

Caroline Scheepmaker, Head of Career & Counseling Services TU Delft