Culturally Tailored CVs

Working abroad sounds like an adventure, and it certainly is, but it needs some preparation to be successful.

Expertise in Labour Mobility has developed a series of guides that will help you to become a winning applicant – so in case you really want to get that job abroad, you order one of our career guides. However, to get you started we have provided some sample CVs below for different countries, because what may be common in your home country to put in a CV might be very different from what is considered common somewhere else.
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How to write a good CV:

  • The key focus of your CV is to persuade the employer to invite you for the job interview
  • Most employers prefer a short CV, maximum two pages
  • A reverse chronological order for a CV is getting common: list recent experiences first
  • Make sure your entire application is a reflection of your personality
  • Find a balance between what is appropriate in the country you are applying for a job and what your personal preferences are; do not lose your identity

Sample CVs from different countries:

how to write a good cv for the United States
  • Instead of a CV write a resume using ‘power words’ that show accomplishment and action.
  • Bear in mind that looking for a job in the US is much like selling a product. Accordingly you should present your qualifications, experience and achievements in a manner that is sharp, focussed, upscale and aggressive.

how to write a good cv for Australia
  • The Australian government uses point system as a consideration to obtain a work as well as a residence permit.
  • An applicant should try to highlight his/her strong points for the job.
  • Foreigners should depict how they in particular can add value to the work place.

how to write a good cv for Brazil
  • One of the most successful ways to find work in Brazil is through your personal network.
  • Make sure your CV and application letter are both written in Portuguese.
  • Furthermore, in Brazil it is common to have two different types of CVs.
  • Try to highlight your strong points for the job.

how to write a good CV for the British labour market.
  • A British CV is short, maximum two pages (there is even a tendency to shorten it to one page).
  • If you have references, give the contact details at the end of your CV.
  • Use power words such as: contributed, negotiated, and demonstrated.

how to write a good cv for Canada
  • Be conscious about the differences between an application letter in the English-
    speaking areas and French-speaking areas in Canada.
  • It is advisable to write a short profile of yourself, using concise and punchy sentences filled with action verbs and power words.

how to write a good cv for China
  • The key focus of your resume should be to persuade the employer to invite you for an interview. Therefore, your resume is a marketing tool, which should be adapted to the market in which you intend to use it.
  • Be modest in recommending yourself, the Chinese will appreciate this.

how to write a good cv in the netherlands
  • A Dutch CV uses a direct factual style and should not be longer than two pages.
  • It should be written in reversal chronological order.
  • Dutch recruiting officers attach great importance to leisure activities and civic responsibilities. These should, therefore, be mentioned in your CV.

how to write a good CV for the French labour market
  • The format should be either reversed chronological (most recent activity first) or functional (activities grouped thematically).
  • In the section of education, you should only mention the highest diplomas you have obtained.
  • With regards to language skills, it is advised to give details (fluency level).

how to write a good CV for the German labour market.
  • A German CV is usually placed in a neat folder (‘die Mappe’).
  • Make sure there are no gaps in your CV; you should account for every period of time.
  • Along with your CV, you should enclose copies of documents supporting your application.

how to write a good cv for India
  • Making “cold calls” to the organisations where you would like to work is not uncommon in India. You can call up the company and ask to if you can speak to the HR-manager or recruitment manager in-charge.
  • Please note that Indian CVs never include place of birth, race or religion.

how to write a good cv for Japan
  • A CV is a marketing tool to persuade the employer to invite you for an interview.
  • A good application letter shows how effective you are as a communicator.
  • The best way to find a job in Japan is to be introduced by a mutual acquaintance.
  • It is customary to have just one or two job interviews in Japan.

how to write a good cv for Russia
  • The Russian CV should be handwritten and very detailed – don’t leave blank spaces.
  • The Russian application letter is usually handwritten, although typed letters are becoming more common.

how to write a good cv for Singapore
  • In Singapore the term resume is used instead of CV.
  • You may be asked to state the name, education level and job of your parents in a Singaporean application form. This is quite common in Asia.

how to write a good cv for United Arab Emirates
  • Make sure the job you accept is the job you really want. This is of course always important, but particularly in the United Arab Emirates, as there is an UAE law which aims to stop people from job-hopping.
  • This law enables employers to give you a (minimum) six months ban from working in the United Arab Emirates if you resign from a job.