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Reducing our Carbon Footprint

At Expertise in Labour Mobility, we are actively committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Where possible we recycle or re-use waste materials generated by our team and our business.
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  • Laptops and IT equipment are switched off after work.
  • All our screens are automatically set up to switch off when not in use.
  • Printer cartridges are recycled.
  • Unnecessary lights are switched off.
  • Office equipment we no longer use is donated to charities.
  • We try to limit printing documents (although we have to admit some of us are better at this than others!).
  • We recycle all paper, batteries, plastic, glass, anything that can be handed in for recycling purposes.
  • We source ethical products, where possible.
  • We do not have a water-machine, because what comes from the tap tastes just as good.
  • We travel to work by foot, bike or public transport.
  • When travelling for business we take public transport and try to limit our air travel.