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Videos: CP explained in your language 

CP other languages (1)Did you know that you could find all the information you need about CareerProfessor and what it can do for you and your HigherEd institution in different languages? Well, now you know! Visit our YouTube channel for an introduction to in 6 different languages.


 Videos: Inside

Hot Topics Have you ever wondered what’s it like to use CareerProfessor? We now offer a unique opportunity to peak inside of it from both a university/ college and a registered student/alumni perspectives. If you want to see more, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to demonstrate it live.


Project: Ready for the labour market?

SINCEFor a second year, ELM has the chance to help many talented engineers with their preparation for the labour market – through CV checks, Mock-Interviews and a series of webinars-in order to get their dream job and become Game Changers in the energy industry.


Presentations: ISB Feedback

ISB Feedback Busy times ahead for Nannette Ripmeester as in the months of February, March, and April she will be delivering ISB feedback presentations to universities in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, and Italy.