ELM Newsletter

  • July 2017: Employability on our foreheads!

    ELM Newsletter: Employability on our foreheads!July newsletter is here and it’s all about employability! We look back at the 7th Edition of Careers Made in Rotterdam and look forward to exciting things ahead of us! Check out what’s keeping us busy in the upcoming months.

  • May 2017: Let’s talk employability

    ELM Newsletter: Let's talk employability Job hunting season has well accelerated and all we talk about is employability! From practical job search tips to exciting things to do in Rotterdam – there is definitely something for everyone in our May newsletter.

  • January 2017: Chatting about careers

    ELM Newsletter:Chatting about careers in 2017 January is all about planning ahead and here at ELM we are already busy with ‘cooking-up’ some new interesting things. Look at our very first 2017 newsletter to find out how are starting off the new year and what’s in store for the following months.


  • December 2016: Spreading holiday cheer

    ELM Newsletter: Spreading holiday cheer We have put together a very jolly holiday greeting for you all, dear partners, colleagues, clients and friends. Let’s hope this video puts a smile on your face that will last through the festive season and well into 2017.


  • November 2016: The Gift of Knowledge

    ELM Newsletter: The Gift of KnowledgeNovember is a good month to dot all the i’s at work and to start thinking about meaningful presents – and what could be more meaningful than knowledge? ELM is not only giving international career tips in workshops but also has a few sock filler suggestions for you.


  • October 2016: Pick sessions, not mushrooms

    ELM Newsletter: Pick sessions, not mushrooms New month, new conference(s). Having delivered 6 successful sessions at the EAIE in Liverpool last September, this October 18-21 our team is off to Australia for AIEC 2016! Come see us at the Research Roundtable, Workshop or one of our 2 poster sessions.


  • September 2016: Meet us at EAIE

    ELM Newsletter: Meet us at EAIE Our team is enjoying an unmatched success rate at the upcoming EAIE Conference, September 13-16, in Liverpool! There is plenty to choose from the 5 different sessions and an e-poster that we’re going to present, so make sure to mark them in your conference agenda.


  • June 2016: CareerProfessor on a roll

    ELM Newsletter: CareerProfessor on a rollCareerProfessor has been making real progress: the first 3 year contract is signed and its potential was showcased at NAFSA’16! We took this time as an opportunity to explain more about the Why-How-What and the history of CareerProfessor.works.


  • May 2016: Tomorrow’s Talent

    ELM Newsletter: Tomorrow’s Talent You reap what you sow! Our May ‪newsletter‬ talks practical solutions: from early student career readiness preparation with CareerProfessor.works to new expat integration with our workshops.


  • March 2016: Teletubby generation at work

    ELM Newsletter: Teletubby generation at workELM presents Teletubby generation at work! Including new workshops, upcoming events, and much more. Interested? Sign up for the second Happy 2016, webinar!


  • January 2016: Sign up for our Happy 2016 webinars

    ELM Newsletter: Sign up for our Happy 2016 webinarsELM is back to business after Christmas holidays and without further ado invites you to join us for a series of webinars, workshops, CareerProfessor.works challenge, and much more!


  • December 2015: Miles of Smiles for 2016

    ELM Newsletter: Miles of Smiles for 2016On behalf of our whole(some) team, we would like to take this opportunity to thank You for a successful year and to wish You miles of smiles for 2016! May Your holidays be nothing but warm, cozy and joyful.


  • November 2015: Work(shop) this season!

    ELM Newsletter: Work(shop) this season!There is no greater professional gift than knowledge! This November our agenda is all about workshops for companies, expats and students. No wonder: with holiday season coming up, everyone is busy looking for something meaningful to give to their teams.


  • October 2015: The Game of Employability

    ELM Newsletter: The Game of EmployabilityWe’re bringing the gamification into employability this month! At the 29th Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) in Adelaide, our team talked about the increasing popularity of gamification in the quest for global employability. But also in the Netherlands we focus on  employability with the organisation of the upcoming event ‘Careers Made in Rotterdam‘.


  • September 2015: Employability 101

    ELM Newsletter: Employability 101All you need to know about employability in our conference presentations at EAIE and CASE! We’re back to work at full speed after summer with new workshops, substantial publications and expat impressions of the Italians.


  • July 2015: Making Mobility Work

    ELM Newsletter: Making Mobility WorkMaking mobility work in cultural workshops, articles, blog posts and online tools! We are maximising our reach to our ever-growing audience.


  • May 2015: Honey, we need to talk

    ELM Newsletter: Honey, we need to talkThere’s a lot of talking to be done! ELM is offering personalised CareerProfessor.works webinars for Higher Education Institutions and sessions on various topics in conferences in the US, the Netherlands, Germany and Canada!


  • March 2015: Blossoming International Talent

    ELM Newsletter: Blossoming International TalentBeing an international talent requires effort from both sides: for the person to adapt to the cultural differences and for the hosting country to create welcoming conditions. Plenty more on the subject in our articles, workshops, pictures and videos!


  • February 2015: Work Hard, Play Harder

    ELM Newsletter: Work Hard, Play HarderIn our first newsletter of the year, we are proud to announce the development of our CareerProfessor app, solely designed to combine knowledge with fun, as well as a variety of events and tasks: thought-provoking Webinars, winning tips for your job-hunting efforts, personal career coaching opportunities and a lot more!


  • November 2014: Challenge Accepted: 1 More Month to Go!

    ELM Newsletter: Challenge Accepted: 1 More Month to Go!This November the ELM team has accepted a number of challenges: translating the CareerProfessor.works video into 6 different languages, getting moustaches for our ladies in support of Movember, and organising a student competition for the title of culture champion. But perhaps the biggest challenge we face around this time of year is getting those Christmas presents in time – what better gift than a workshop for the whole team?


  • October 2014: Halloween: Break the Curse of Unemployment

    ELM Newsletter: Halloween: Break the Curse of UnemploymentA special Halloween edition of our newsletter gives tips on how to break the curse of unemployment as well as reviews our recent projects: the publishing of career guide books on Amazon, Comenius charitable run, CareerProfessor.works developments, and many others.


  • September 2014: Introducing CareerProfessor.works

    ELM Newsletter: Introducing CareerProfessor.worksAfter careful research, multiple consultations and months of work, ELM is proud to present CareerProfessor.works – a tool that helps students and recent graduates close the gap between education and the world of work.


  • June 2014: Culture Counts: In Football, During Holidays and at Work!

    ELM Newsletter: Culture Counts: In Football, During Holidays and at Work!This summer we have a unique opportunity to observe cultural differences not only on holidays and at the office, but also in sports: the teams in World Cup 2014 display their colourful cultural characteristics that guide us in predicting the winners of matches.


  • May 2014: Global Talent and the World of Work

    ELM Newsletter: Global Talent and the World of WorkShould educational institutions be engaging more in the student’s international development, making the link between the world of study and the world of work? This responsibility is a shared one between the universities and the companies. One way to keep supporting graduates throughout their early careers, though, is improved alumni networks.


  • April 2014: A Spring of Labour Mobility Development

    ELM Newsletter: A Spring of Labour Mobility DevelopmentIn April, ELM discussed the changes the EU is facing with Erasmus+ programme and emphasised the importance of proper cultural and professional training for employers, employees and young graduates.


  • February 2014: From ELM, with Love

    ELM Newsletter: From ELM, with LoveIn the month of February, along with the spirit of St. Valentine, ELM would like to share with you a new way of delivering university level workshops: instead of sticking to a pre-made design, now you can actually customise your workshops to suit the needs of your students & graduates better. In this newsletter, you can also find out new CV samples, and more interesting blogs on cultural differences and your future job prospects.


  • December 2013: Retaining Global Talent

    ELM Newsletter: Retaining Global TalentTo end this years, Nannette Ripmeester reflects on the projects that kept ELM busy throughout 2013: two major career event to bind international students, a new workshop for Dutch government to retain expats and their partners after time abroad, a completely updated series of career guides, and many more. A special thank you for all parties involved in Careers Made in Rotterdam who helped made the event a success.


  • October 2013: Shaping up Careers

    ELM Newsletter: Shaping up CareersLearning is a lifelong process. It continues even after you graduate university. That is why Expertise in Labour Mobility provides the right tool for the global labour market for both students and professionals. Not only are we repeating Careers Made in Rotterdam; this time we also have an event for companies who are keen in hiring international students. World Talent Rotterdam is organised for you to use full potential of international talents.


  • September 2013: Workshops around the Globe

    ELM Newsletter: Workshops around the GlobeExpertise in Labour Mobility delivers a variety of workshops for audiences around the world. At home, in the Netherlands, “What Makes the Dutch Dutch” and “What Keeps the Dutch Dutch” help to integrate both newcomers and repatriates into the Dutch society. International student needs, retaining global talent and teachers’ cultural awareness, however, are presented from Australia through Europe to Canada.


  • June 2013: Teaching the International Classroom

    ELM Newsletter: Teaching the International ClassroomMixing different nationalities in a classroom bears the risk of miscommunication. Expertise in Labour Mobility offers workshops and an online game ‘Intercultural Communication’ to equip the staff of higher education institutions with the methods to work with the diverse audiences. Using this acquired knowledge, they can promote an environment in which students of all nationalities feel integrated and included.


  • April 2013: ‘Careers Made in Rotterdam’ event

    ELM Newsletter: Stay Rates and International TalentExpertise in Labour Mobility is working closely with the Rotterdam Municipality for an event aimed at encouraging international students to stay on in Rotterdam after their studies. The event, to be held at Podium O950, will feature panel discussions, career workshops, interaction with employers and internationals who made a success of their career in Rotterdam. A must for anyone who considers Rotterdam a destination offering post-study opportunities.


  • February 2013: Stay Rates and International Talent

    ELM Newsletter: Stay Rates and International TalentIn the world blog of University World News, Hans de Wit and Nannette Ripmeester contend that OECD countries need to overcome barriers and competition to get talented international students to stay on, in their efforts to meet skilled labour market needs to sustain their knowlegde economies. Demographic changes coupled to a falling interest among young people to study science and engineering hampers the growth of these economies.


  • January 2013: A Big Thank You!

    ELM Newsletter: A Big Thank You We are happy to look back upon the last 12 months with a mixture of pride and satisfaction. We happily celebrated 20 years in business and release our What Drives an Expat book later in the year. Also our guide book has been updated for 2013, to offer a fresh perspective for those looking for a change in the new year. We wish you the very best for 2013, and if you’re thinking of working abroad, we’re always here to help!