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Career Courses for International Students

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Career Courses for International Students

“I have hired Nannette Ripmeester over the past few years to run workshops for both our national and international students looking for careers in an international environment. I turned to Nannette as she impressed me during a presentation with her sharp insight into the needs of the various groups of students from so many countries and the way she so speedily adapts to gear to the newly developing needs. The great influx of international MSc into our university over recent years students has necessitated a whole new strategy in the area of careers counselling and Nannette has been quick to help us fill in the gap.
Students have been most appreciative of her wide knowledge of cultural aspects involved both in career finding and in the actual professional positions. They have been most impressed by the way she has been able to address culturally widely diverse audiences. She has managed to provide them with just the kinds of insight and materials they were looking for.“

Caroline Scheepmaker Manager Career Centre - TU Delft