Teaching the International Classroom

Making mobility work through higher education.

Workshops and Online Assessment

What happens when people of various nationalities are mixed in one classroom?

The different attitudes and styles of learning brought to the class by each individual creates confusion in communication, time management, assessment criteria, and even body language.

Expertise in Labour Mobility offers workshops and an online World Citizens @ Work assessment on ‘Intercultural Communication’ to make the staff of higher education institutions feel equipped to work with their diverse audiences. The three editions of ‘Careers Made in Rotterdam’ (CMiR) event have shown that international students need an accommodating environment to integrate better.


Workshop: Dealing with diversity

Target Audience: Teachers and administration staff who work with international students and are eager to develop their intercultural communication skills and competence: a Pathway Programme for academics.


  • Understand the dimensions of culture and its role in one’s perspective and behaviour.
  • Recognise the benefits of an international classroom, challenges that come with it, and able to overcome them in order to create an efficient learning environment in an international setting.
  • Experience issues via interactive exercises that might occur in a multicultural environment and how to handle them.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: 950,- Euro (ex. VAT, travel & accommodation expenses, if applicable).

Workshop: Preparing students for the global labour market

Target Audience: Career advisors working with higher education students with an interest in employability, career development and global mobility.


  • Build capacity in career development, for careers and international office staff involved in supporting students develop their global employability and career decision making.
  • Understand the role culture plays in writing CVs, resumes and job applications in various countries.
  • Enhance awareness of the skills and capabilities, organisations from different cultures and countries are looking for and recommended methods to develop these skills.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: 950,- Euro (ex. VAT, travel & accommodation expenses, if applicable).

Online Assessment

  • Tailor-made on-line assessment consisting of 5 different scenarios in an international education setting.
  • Aimed at teachers and staff who would like to understand their own ability to teach and communicate with international students or colleagues.
  • Easy access user-friendly.

Price: 7500,- Euro (ex. VAT, including development cost and 1 year unlimited use).

More information: contact Sevasti Christoforou.

All workshops can be customised based on your institutions’ objectives.

“Combining the theory of intercultural communication with the reality of university settings, ELM exploits its rich source of years of experience with universities in Europe and beyond. With its very interactive approach – using practical games that animate participants and expose them to the reality of intercultural incidents – this workshop finds a gentle and yet effective way to develop eye-opening and highly diplomatic solutions that are invaluable and can neither be found nor put in writing.”Marina C. Glaser, M.A., Strategic Internationalisation Officer, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.