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NAFSA: “A Conversation with Nannette Ripmeester”

Press Coverage What are the major challenges and future plans of a SIO/Senior EA Professional in higher education? Mandy Reinig interviews Nannette Ripmeester for NAFSA.


The International Educator: “Going Social”

Press Coverage Just as universities increasingly use social media tools to both recruit and evaluate applicants, prospective students also use social media to evaluate and select institutions, as confirmed by Nannette Ripmeester in this NAFSA magazine article by Charlotte West.


The EAIE blog: “Employer insights: What gets your students hired?”

Press Coverage At EAIE Liverpool, 2016, Nannette Ripmeester organised an employer panel to discuss the key skills that graduates should have to succeed in the labour market. This EAIE blog post offers a break down of their main insights.


Xpat media: Job Hunting Season in the Netherlands

Press Coverage Summer is over, companies are looking for new people to put all the fresh after-summer ideas into practice, some people have decided it is time for a career change, and of course there are also a lot of fresh graduates looking for work. To help you get to grips with the dos and don’ts, we have reviewed the best job-hunting practices in the Netherlands in the Xpat Media article.


EAIE Forum magazine: Satisfaction is in success, not in canteen food

Press Coverage Graduates will remember their success following study years, not canteen food – Veronika Norvaisaite and Nannette Ripmeester shared the latest international student satisfaction and employability trends in the EAIE Forum magazine. Spoiler alert: it’s also the Editor’s pick! Disclaimer: this article first appeared in EAIE’s Forum magazine, summer 2016.


Holland Handbook 2016-17: Working in the Netherlands

Press Coverage ELM has contributed to the Holland Handbook 2016-17 by sharing the knowledge about the Dutch labour laws and roads to employment in the chapter “Working in the Netherlands”.

Free Lunch Webinar: Cultural differences in the work place

Press Coverage On May 19, Nannette Ripmeester gave insights in how to deal effectively with cultural differences in a business environment and how to kickstart a multinational team in a “Free Lunch” webinar.


The PIE News: Work in Progress

Press Coverage Nannette Ripmeester was interviewed for the “Work in Progress” article by Sara Custer, The PIE News, where she shared practical solutions to make modern graduates more employable through their study programmes.


The PIE News: Futurists say tech key to HE access, grad readiness

Press Coverage Preparation of students to be successful in the rapidly more tech world of work was discussed by Nannette Ripmeester & Sara Custer at “Student of the Future” conference. Ripmeester suggested universities use gamification to make careers advice more accessible and appealing to students. She added that career training should reach beyond careers centres and into campus-wide curricula.


University World News: New directions – Keeping up with students of the future

Press Coverage Contrasting visions of the direction of international higher education were presented to the first “Student of the Future” conference organised by Dutch-based StudyPortals where Nannette Ripmeester stated that Universities need to put emphasis on developing critical skills to ensure their graduates are ready for the future labour market.


Journal of International Students: “International Student Expectations: Career Opportunities and Employability”

Press Coverage Are mobile students expecting an international experience to have an impact on their career? This was one of the questions in a global survey, with over 150,000 respondents. Per A Nilsson, Umeå University (Sweden), and Nannette Ripmeester, Expertise in Labour Mobility (the Netherlands), interpret the survey results in this peer-reviewed article of Journal of International Students, Volume 6, Issue 2.


NAFSA TechMig: “New times call for new methods: How Gamification can be used in Higher Education to enhance employability”

Press Coverage Gamification in higher education still does sound a little revolutionary. In this blog post, Nannette Ripmeester shares her insights into how Gamification can be used in higher education to make your students more employable.