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Global Perspectives on Higher Education: “Global and Local Internationalization”

Global Perspectives on Higher Education:
Higher education worldwide is in a period of transition, affected by globalization, the advent of mass access, changing relationships between the university and the state, and the new technologies, among others. Global Perspectives on Higher Education provides cogent analysis and comparative perspectives on these and other central issues affecting postsecondary education worldwide. Authors such as Hans de Wit, Darla Deardorff, Elspeth Jones, John Hudzik and Francisco Marmolejo as well as ELM’s Nannette Ripmeester have made a contribution, sharing their expert opinion on the topic. Nannette looks at the skills gained from studying abroad and how they benefit graduates in the work place. She argues that the increasing attention paid to such skills by employers requires students to interpret their experiences in terms that employers will appreciate.


University World News: “The value of an international education”

University World News:
In her article about the rewarding work in international student services, Jaana Severidt acknowledges that one of the main benefits of internationalisation is preparation for the global market and refers to Nannette Ripmeester’s insights into what skills make graduates employable. Innovative new technologies, such as CareerProfessor.works gaming app, help students develop those skills even if they are not mobile.


IEAA Vista magazine: “Gamification and the Quest for Global Employability”

IEAA Vista magazine:
Think twice before you give the evil eye to students on their smartphones in class – they might actually be learning! Nannette Ripmeester & Veronika Norvaisaite gave 10 tips on how to use Gamification in the quest for student employability for the winter edition of Vista magazine.


Transfer jaargang 22 nummer 6: “Blijf trouw aan wat bij jou past”

Transfer jaargang 22 nummer 6:
A nice interview with ELM’s Nannette Ripmeester and what a day at the office entails: from CareerProfessor.works to a typical Dutch lunch – unfortunately for some of you 🙂 in Dutch.

Bijna als geen ander weet Nannette Ripmeester welke wensen buitenlandse studenten hebben en wat zij waarderen. Maar de directeur van Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM) houdt zich met meer bezig dan alleen de International Student Barometer.


Argonaut: “Success factors for intercultural experts in a digital world”

In this article, Nannette Ripmeester talks about the benefits of saying yes to digital as an intercultural specialist. More specifically, she shares her top success factors for intercultural management professionals and anyone interested in developing a career in intercultural training.


Holland Handbook 2015-2016: Working in the Netherlands

Holland Handbook 2015-2016: Working in the NetherlandsNannette Ripmeester is one of the contributing authors to the “Working in the Netherlands” chapter of 2015 edition Holland Handbook:


Train and Retain. Career Support for International Students in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden

Train and Retain. Career Support for International Students in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and SwedenThe Study presents the results from the first international mapping of local support structures for the study-to-work transition of international students in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. It incorporates the SER report done by Nannette Ripmeester and Hans de Wit to identify shortcomings and gives recommendations for an improved job entry support, including the educational gaming app CareerProfessor.works.


The Development of International Competences by IBMS Alumni

The Development of International Competences by IBMS AlumniThe report of the alumni survey. Nannette Ripmeester contributed to the examination of the match between education and professional needs.


BNR Nieuwsradio: Terugkerende Expats

BNR NieuwsradioBNR News Radio morning interview with Nannette Ripmeester on the need for more flexibility for the returning Dutch expats and family reunification (in Dutch).