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Read all of ELM’s press coverage throughout the year 2017: CareerChats, Holland Handbook, Career Integration, Vastgoed, International Educator and The PIE News.


CareerChats: Managing expectations, moving towards solutions

Press Coverage In this article, Nannette Ripmeester is giving you a preview of our brand new project CareerChats, which aligns the bridge between international students, global employers and higher education professionals. The full article will be published in the first official edition of CP Magazine. Coming soon!


Holland Handbook: “Working in the Netherlands”

Press Coverage In the article “Working in the Netherlands” authors Stephanie Dijkstra, Han van der Horst, Peter Kranenburg, Arjan Enneman, Nannette Ripmeester and Liane van de Vrugt will go into detail about the Dutch employment market and how to find a job in the Netherlands.


Career Integration: Reviewing the Impact of Experience Abroad on Employment, No. 2 April 2017

Press Coverage In the article “Global Careers: Do We Understand the Requirements for Careers Across National Boundaries? A European Perspective” (p.77), Nannette Ripmeester talks about the role globalisation plays in higher education and how it shapes the international job market. She stresses the importance of preparing students for their global career by helping them understand cultural differences and translate their abroad experiences into meaningful soft skills.
CAPA, the Global Education Network, and the Learning Abroad Center of the University of Minnesota have published a book that shows employability is no longer incidental to the agenda of study abroad. And by bringing in a more international point of view they show that the question of employability in higher education is not constrained by national boundaries.


Vastgoed: “Nederlanders zijn aardig, maar alleen onder kantoortijden”

Press Coverage Why are expats less satisfied with living and working in the Netherlands? Are Dutch people only nice during the office hours? Nannette Ripmeester spoke to “Vastgoed” magazine about the difficulties expats living in the Netherlands face and what should change.


International Educator: “Leveraging global experiences in the job market”

Press Coverage Students often struggle to leverage their global experiences in order to stand out in the job market. In this article by Charlotte West, Nannette Ripmeester advises educators to create opportunities to help students learn to translate those skills into a language employers understand.


The PIE News: Careers Made in Rotterdam – photo gallery

Press Coverage The PIE News feature pictures from the 6th edition of Careers Made in Rotterdam, an event that brings international students closer to the secrets of the Dutch labour market, that took place in Rotterdam last December.