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BNR Zakendoen met: Nannette Ripmeester


The Class of 2020. The Next European Renaissance

The Class of 2020. The Next European RenaissanceThe Class of 2020, the largest European housing platform, has included Nannette Ripmeester in its annual publication. Nannette has emphasised that understanding students’ choices in international academic careers is crucial.


Global Education. A narrative

Global Education. A narrativeA book “Global Education. A narrative” marks the contributions of Hanneke Teekens, a Grande Dame of internationalisation, at Nuffic. Nannette Ripmeester, among other experts, has shared her views about the value of international education in the book.


The Guardian, Guardian Careers

Emplois and Beschäftigung: job applications in EuropeNannette Ripmesteer shared her expertise with The Guardian on adapting ones CV and cover letter to different European countries.


Report of Rijksoverheid

Het behouden van buitenlandse studenten voor de Nederlandse arbeidsmarktHans de Wit and Nannette Ripmeester contributed to the Social and Economic Council (SER) report about retaining foreign students in the Dutch labour market.


Holland Handbook

Guide for expatriates: Holland HandbookNannette Ripmeester is the co-author of Chapter 2 “Working in the Netherlands” in Holland Handbook, which contains information on employment laws, booming sectors, labour market and salaries among other relevant topics for the expatriates.


WES: International Mobility Forum

WES: International Mobility ForumGraduate employment has had a terribly slow recovery, and today’s graduates face stiff competition in the job market, presentation by Nannette Ripmeester


CareerBuilders UK

CareerBuilders UK: How to get a job abroadHow to get a job abroad, by Rachel Burge



Intermediair: op elk in je carriereSolliciteren in Australië: de do’s en don’ts voor je cv, by Nannette Ripmeester


BCF Career Guide Book ’13/’14

BCF Career Guide Book '13/'14Expand your boundaries, find a job abroad! Featuring Nannette Ripmeester


NRC Next

NRC NextKom werken, kom uitgeven, featuring Nannette Ripmeester, 29 May 2013


University World News, 18 May 2013

University World NewsThe pessimism about doing a PhD does not reflect the experience of all students, as evidenced by increasing numbers of doctoral students and claimed by Hans de Wit and Nannette Ripmeester – aging populations and dropping interest among young people in sciences and engineering in developing countries require highly skilled people

University World News, 20 April 2013

University World NewsWith the rich world worrying about skills shortages, one solution being pursued is to boost the ‘stay rates’ of international students. “The global brain race – Robbing developing countries” refers to the summary done by Hans de Wit and Nannette Ripmeester about the measures taken to increase the stay rates of students

fd.nl: Wereldveroveraars

fd.nlInternationale Ondernemers Kunnen niet zonder Stereotypen, fd.nl


Transfer Maart 2013

Transfer Maart 2013Buitenlandse student wil best blijven, Annelieke Zandvliet


Eurograduate 2013

Eurograduate 2013The current economic climate in Europe has had a profound effect on the way in which we view labour mobility, by Nannette Ripmeester, 2013


University World News

University World NewsOECD countries face stiff competition in getting foreign students to stay, written by Hans de Wit and Nannette Ripmeester, 17 February 2013


NRC Next

NRC NextElke maandag een enkeltje Bristol, featuring Nannette Ripmeester, 30 January 2013


Vertrek NL

Vertrek NLGezocht: baan in het buitenland, by Nannette Ripmeester, January 2013