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Does your CV have the 10 Trending Job Hunting Essentials for 2015?

Do you want to create a winning CV?
Read these 10 Trending Job Hunting Tips for 2015:

1. Forget the CV
The new trend for 2015! Be so entrepreneurial in your job search that a ‘standard’ CV is not required. You will be asked for a bio, and maybe a pitch. You will be asked about your added value. A regular CV is soooo 2014 …

However, most of us will be using a CV or resume for a while, so here is your chance to turn it into a success!

2. Be your best self
Do not just say you’re able to work in a team, but include an experience that demonstrates the skill and shows you are a good team player.

job interview3. Don’t blow your cover
Remember recruiters can google too … and they will! So make sure the image you want to portray of yourself is reflected in your social media presence too. No matter your privacy settings, try and avoid a picture of you swinging from a lamp pole in a drunken state.

4. Keep it short and simple
You have just 5 seconds to make a good impression and get your CV noticed in that pile of CVs. Remember, only once you have made it passed the first selection an employer will pay attention to the accompanying application letter.

5. The 3 P’s: Punctuality, Presentation and Politeness
Job advice from the 1950’s: make sure you come across as punctual, reliable, and polite and know how to make a good personal impression … and this still applies! People like working with accurate, honest and fun people. The words may have changed – the concepts still carry value.

6. The 3 C’s: Clear, Concise and Confident
Help an employer to navigate your CV. Provide clear and accurate information in an easy to digest format. Convince the recruiter you can do the job. Radiate enthusiasm!

social media job search7. Digital Natives
In particular LinkedIn, but also Twitter, can strengthen your social media profile and support your job search. On LinkedIn you can provide more details about your experience and expertise, provide a link in your CV to your LinkedIn profile.

8. Dare to be different
Avoid clichés! Show why you believe you have the skills, knowledge, personality, experience or drive to do that job. Give an employer a reason to invite you.

9. But make sure its credible
Make sure it is not hot air you are blowing in the direction of the employer, whatever you claim, make sure you have something on which to base it. Claiming you speak Dutch and when asked a question in Dutch (“Hoe goed is je Nederlands?”) and mumbling that you do not know how to answer, is – to say the least – not very encouraging to explore the rest of your CV.

10. And tailored to the job
Employers expect job applicants to tailor their CV to the job on offer, do not waste everyone’s time by sending out random applications. Make sure you research the role and the organization in advance and come up with a tailored CV … and of course no typos!

Nannette Ripmeester

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