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ELM’s First Blog!


The ELM team is proud to present its first blog, highlighting our present and future guides in the series Looking for Work in…. The guides offer the young professional and advanced student the opportunity to learn more about the working world in other nations of particular interest to them.  Whether this is a bid to work in Australia or Austria, the United Kingdom or the United States, ELM currently provides information in 42 published country guides, with more on the way! These guides are packed full of information, including such aspects as CV writing & tips, interviews with professionals with experience of living and working in the country, as well as cultural differences and tips. Through exploration by our team of country specialists and researchers, we have gone to great lengths to provide this information as in-depth and accurately as possible, whilst providing the guides at a cost which remains accessible to those they were specifically written for. With country guides for Russia, Poland, Singapore, China and Turkey coming in the very near future, we aim to provide information for countries with established markets, as well as those still developing. If you wish to order one or a selection of these guides, simply order through our website labourmobility.com. We are also very proud to announce that the books are now available on websites such as Amazon, Bol, and Booxs.nl, so pick one up today and enjoy learning about your selected area!

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